Friday, May 18, 2012

The Request

I am seeking contributions of old papers and correspondence that you have, until now, been unable to part with. I am offering a means of disposing those scraps that you have carried throughout life and no longer want to carry. 

These sentinel scraps can go if there is a place for them: I'll be your place and we will put them to rest as art. Think of it as a burial.

Once received, your papers will become a part of an art installation at this year's Artomatic, a DC-area arts show. Viewers at Artomatic will not be prohibited from looking through the papers, but they won't be encouraged to do so either. If you don't want anyone seeing the papers, let me know and I will place them in an envelope that will be sealed with excessive amounts of serious-looking tape. I will not read through the papers you send me. 

At Artomatic's end, the piece will be disassembled and your papers put to rest in a manner befitting their dignity. You will not receive your papers in return. 

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